Survive And Thrive TV – Farm to Table Local Food Demo by a Top Chef

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Survive And Thrive TV – Farm to Table Local Food Demo by a Top Chef

A Top Chef winner Season Six Winner, Michael Voltaggio presented an amazing cooking demontration on how he is able to use simple ingredients to create amazing food. During this 20 minute cooking demonstration he showed how to create flavorful appetizers from local farmer’s market items. If you did not know it, Michael is co-author with his brother, Bryan, of VOLT ink. The book, according to The Washington Post, “isn’t designed for amateur cooks, at least not amateur cooks whose kitchens are bereft of thermal immersion circulators, smoking guns, vacuum sealers, combi-ovens, food dehydrators and other tools of the modernist chef.” Things that he and his brother are famous for.

Fortunately, this demostration didn’t focus on using any of these exotic cooking equipment.

Survive and Thrive TV – A Start Up Helping Community Action

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ThrdPlace is an event and content management platform that helps brands and consumers collaborate together on projects to improve our shared communities. Thrdplace makes is simple to coordinate, government, business, citizens and nonprofits together into one cohesive community development team.

The mission of Thrdplace is to empower you to re-imagine our physical communities as an open canvas to re-shape and re-imagine as we see fit. To bridge the gap between individual citizens, city-government, corporations, and non-profits to make real lasting impact by working together to drive physical community improvement projects where needs matter the most. Working together we envision a world where instead of local community problems, we see community solutions.

While the platform is focused on providing the toolsets needed to resource community improvement projects, the mission is something greater. Project by project, thrdPlace is introducing neighbor to neighbor and rebuilding the relationships that form the social fabric of our communities.

Top Chef 15 Minute Cooking Competition – Survive And Thrive TV

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Top Chef 15 Minute Cooking Competition Tour – Survive And Thrive TV

Richard Blais & Fabio Viviani

The two went head-to-head in a mini version of the Bravo show in an exhibition that travels the country pitting Top Chef alumni against each other for the enjoyment of small but enthusiastic crowds.

These showdowns focus on one main ingredient. Today that ingredient was pork.

Not surprisingly, local favorite Viviani (Firenze Osteria, Cafe Firenze), who’s known for his gregarious style, fared well at this, keeping the audience giggling as he went. All the while, each chef focused on their pork dish, for which they could each use a secret ingredient. Blais employed a submarine sandwich,as his challenge twist.” Viviani’s choice was not as cocky, cilantro.

After the cook-off, the audience was treated to a tasting of each contestants dishes. This was followed by judging that was conducted by a panel of local VIPs and one audience member. And just like in the show, Richard Blais was the event winner.

Survive And Thrive TV – Innovators Helping Add Social Capabilities to Websites & Mobile Devices

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 Innovators Helping Add Social Capabilities to Websites & Mobile Devices.  There are many people doing great things merging high tech with social casuses.  This video is a great showcase of this.

WeLink Social is a geo-location based social media monitoring platform for the enterprise. Businesses, brands, events, schools, and municipalities use this powerful tool to obtain social insight about their clients at any location in the world.

Through geo-fencing technology WeLink Social captures all geo-tagged social data that customers are sharing through social media channels within a predefined radius. In real time, WeLink Social captures Twitter feeds, Instagram photos, Foursquare check-ins, and feeds from available social media channels. The collected social data is displayed on a sophisticatedly simple, feature rich dashboard, designed to drive your business’s core values, customer engagement, and market intelligence.